Fear of the board, the CEO, getting fired, people, failure, and loss are all things that motivate me.  I remember the first public event I hosted at the college.  My predecessor warned me it was doomed to failure.  To make matters worse, I only had a couple of weeks to make it happen.

I worked feverishly night and day on that first event.  Contrary to expectations, the day of the event, the boss showed up to a well organized room full of participants.

I worked like a dog because I was afraid.  I was afraid of failure.

Although fear works and we all have it, perhaps a more positive motivation takes us further with less distress?

What if something other than losing your position became your motivation for working hard?  What if something other than fear of losing your family or spouse became your motivation for serving them?

Let’s make today no-fear Monday.  I think you’ll reach higher with something nobler than fear as motivation.  Can you describe positive motivation?

Leadership Freak,

Dan Rockwell