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Mini me's are redundant


The leadership team of the nonprofit I lead just had lunch at our house.  It’s an eclectic group of individuals who range from a driven extrovert to a quiet introvert.  After everyone left, I said to my wife, “The Smith’s (not their real name) sure are quiet, aren’t they.”  Then I went on to say, “They would be more effective if they were like me.”  We gave each other that knowing look and cracked up.

If we aren’t careful, we might believe the most effective people are people with our qualities.

Great leaders have diverse strength-sets.  The following list comes from http://www.mypersonality.info/personality-types/famous-people/.

  1. Abraham Lincoln – Engineer
  2. Theodore Roosevelt – Originator
  3. John F. Kennedy – Dreamer
  4. Thomas Jefferson – Strategist

The accuracy of the list is not the point.  The diversity is.  Great leaders aren’t punched out with cookie cutters.

I’m thankful for the leadership team I work with.  They correct me, compliment me, challenge me, enrich me, teach me, and more. Without them, I would fail.

Here is the danger. Those with strong personalities may pressure children, spouse, co-workers, employees, or colleagues into becoming mini-me’s.  After all, our qualities work!

Your greatest strength is most likely your weakness.

Pressuring others to be like us rejects them and impoverishes us.

If you’re a visionary, call the detail person on your team who drives you crazy and thank them for protecting you from yourself!  If you’re an organizer, call the creative person on your team and say, “thanks for keeping me fresh.”  If you’re son is your opposite, hug and honor him.

Leaders reach higher by leveraging diverse strength sets.

You’ll reach higher if you take a walk or pick up the phone and extend honor to someone who’s expanding your potential.

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