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Sweet backstabbers

Everyone in the group nodded in agreement when I asked if they had experienced someone pretending to help them while at the same time cutting them down.  The group consisted of a business owner, a director, some managers and others.  Every one of them had experienced the smiling backstabber tearing them down under the guise of being helpful.  Funny how sweet-backstabbers end up making themselves look good at your expense.

So what can you do when
you’ve been sliced and diced?

Get better at office politics. I’m not talking about manipulating people.  I’m talking about humbly letting others know about your successes.

OK, how can you “humbly” let others know about your success?

Three ways to play fair at office politics.

1.  Honor everyone who contributed to your success.

2.  Express gratitude for the opportunity to succeed.

3.  Pass along praise from your clients and colleagues.

Whatever you do, avoid self-defeating behaviors like seeking revenge.

What other strategies can you suggest for dealing with sweet backstabbers?

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Dan Rockwell

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