Survive your Promotion – Book Review

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Two thumbs up for Survive your Promotion

If you’ve worked your way up through the ranks to your first management position, Katy Tynan’s new book, “Survive your Promotion: The 90 Day Success Plan for New Managers,” is for you.  It’s a clear no nonsense guide for success.  You’ll find the book is light on management theory and heavy on nuts and bolts.  Additionally, if your company’s culture includes promoting from within, put this book on your must read list.

Surviving your promotion is laid out in 5 parts:  Motivation, Mindset, Method, Measurement, and Momentum.  Don’t you love alliteration?

The meat of the book is in Part 3 where Katy maps out monthly strategies for success.  Month one is get to know your internal team.  Month two focuses on success strategies with customers and vendors.  And finally, month three explains vision and goal setting.

Parts 4 and 5 are a surprising value to the book.  She covers performance reviews, hiring, dealing with conflict and much more.

Finally, the end of the book has several pages of print and internet resources for those needing more information.

Katy communicates ideas like:

  • Management is about people.
  • Building relationships with your team enhances your ability to retain high performers.
  • Don’t expect to succeed as a manager like you did as an individual.
  • Use the IROD framework for meetings.  (Issues, Results, Options, Decisions)

I read this book in three settings and I’m glad it’s on my shelf.  I give it two thumbs up as a practical roadmap to success for newly promoted managers.

Katy Tynan is guest blogging for Leadership Freak tomorrow and we’re giving away two of her signed books so check in tomorrow for a chance to win.

Question:  What surprising lessons did you learn when you became a manager?

Question:  What quality do you admire in a manager?

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