Becoming an authentic leader

All leaders always change things.

Thinking back over the times that I’ve initiated change, one important factor emerges.

I change before I change others.

Sometimes I changed from the outside in. Once, when I was a young man, I was fired. That event radically changed me and the course of my life. Other times, change emerged from the inside-out and always included dissatisfaction, dreaming of a preferred future, and attitude adjustments.

Big hairy deal!

Change agents are dissatisfied with what is. Big hairy deal! Everyone I know is dissatisfied with stuff in their lives but they aren’t change agents.

Change agents dream of a brighter future. Big hairy deal! Everyone I know dreams of a brighter future but they don’t become agents of change.

Dissatisfaction and dreams won’t make you a change agent.

If you want to become a change agent you’ll build on the changes you have experienced in your own life. Think back to graduation, marriage, births, new jobs, divorce, near death experiences, books, people, failures, and other events that changed you. You’re standing on a platform of personal change that empowers your leadership.

Your life-changes are equipping you for authentic leadership.

Failures teach you thing to avoid or modify.

Success teach you things to repeat.

Authentic leaders align with and build on personal changes in order to become effective change agents.


What keeps some people from building on personal life-change?

How has life-change equipped you for authentic leadership.


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