Courting Your Career – Book Review

I began reading Shawn Graham’s book, “Courting Your Career” on a flight from Harrisburg to Chicago. Even though I’m not looking to change my career, it was good company.

It might surprise you that I’m saying a book subtitled, “Match Yourself with the Perfect Job,” was good company.  However, Shawn’s innovative use of courtship as a metaphor and framework for finding your perfect career resulted in an entertaining and enlightening read. Chapter titles include; Playing the Field, The Meet Market, and Dinner and a Movie.

In addition, Shawn seasons his book with wit and humor that draws readers along and lightens the mood. While reading about the importance of networking, you’ll come across this gem. You should be networking everywhere except, “police stations and prisons.”

“Courting Your Career” may be funny but it’s not frivolous. The night before my flight, I returned a call from a college student who asked if he should follow-up a job interview with a phone call. I told the student that I appreciate a follow up call after I interview potential instructors and suggested he do the same. The next day, somewhere over Ohio, Shawn confirmed that 82% of executives think you should follow up within two weeks.

Furthermore, I loved the sample scripts. For example, you’ll learn how to keep the door open at the end of a short conversation that didn’t go as well as you hoped. Finally, Shawn adds value by identifying a wealth of career-search-resources found outside his book.  Locating external resources completes this tool chest for career hunters.

I’m recommending “Courting Your Career” to at least two groups of readers, those searching for careers and those helping others find their “Perfect job.”


Tomorrow, Shawn Graham is guest blogging for Leadership Freak and we’re giving away three signed copies of his book.


What career hunting advice have you given or received that enabled you to land your “Perfect job?”


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