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Selected Comments – 06/21/2010 to 06/25/2010

Thanks for all the great comments!

In order to limit the length of this digest, I’ve selected one favorite from those who left multiple comments. Even at that limitation this post far exceeds the norm post-length of 300 words or less.

Three A’s that Energize Others – 06/21/2010

Kelly – When someone does something on-target you can energize them by using positive accountability. Celebrate their accomplishment, pat them on the back, take the time to show them the impact of their actions.

The Best “B” word for Leaders: Better – 06/22/2010

Jim – “Belief” that the members of your organization can overcome the challenges they face and deliver on the commitments they make.

Dr. Harvey – “BOLD,” not to be confused with being reckless, rash or even heroic, but rather being courageous enough to “do the right thing”. This of course implies leading from … (an) enduring sense of purpose.

Mary – I think “build up” and “bring out” are two more “B” words that leaders must do.

Lenna – What I most appreciate on leaders I’ve known is the human “BE” behind the job title, function, position or market.

The Letter “C” for Leaders: Constraint – 06/23/2010

Richard – Other C words Conflict, Control, Consistency, Conversation, (dis-)combobulation.

Ajay – The main root of constrain is self interest… A leader should be full of candor and credence.

Geoff – Good leadership is about carving new paths and while there are loads of people who will help us do that, they can’t help us with the vision that gets us to our destination.

Kate – In other words, hire your “complement”. That’s a good start. To make it work — there has to be outstanding communication between leaders and their complements.

Dr. Asher – Courage, Creativity and Cohesiveness can make good teams which can deliver and is the prime need for any leader to succeed.

Mark – A Champion Culture – is one where people are encouraged and strive for championship status.

Al – … leaders can really propel their teams to be innovative and creative at all levels by “Cheering” them on.

Three “D” words for leaders – 06/24/2010

Paula – One “D” word that falls into the cure (for discouragement) category is “decisiveness.” I usually want to gain consensus AND keep everyone happy, which can really detract from leading well.

Doc – (sources of discouragement) Denial that there may be a problem. Denial of negative feelings. Denial that we need to change…to even feel better. And sadly, denying hope for others or ourselves.

“E’s” for Exceptional Leadership – 06/25/2010

Tim – With that in mind I submit “Empathy” as an important E-word. Working in a sustainable way with people means making connections with them.

M P Friedman – My Fave: Edge – the leader’s Effort to Enhance and continuously Evolve personal and organizational Excellence and advantage…and Empower others to Enhance and Evolve their Edge.

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