Monthly Archive: July, 2010

Finding Xanadu

(This is the “X” installment of the series “Alphabet for Leaders.”) X-ray, xenophobia, and Xanadu are the only X words that come to mind. Xanadu – a beautiful ,idyllic place, grabs my attention.… Continue reading

“W” words for leaders

This is the “W” installment in the series “Alphabet for Leaders.” I thought I’d break the pattern with this one. Here’s a list of “W” words followed by the first thing that popped… Continue reading

The “V” word for leaders – Vacuum

***** Nature abhors a vacuum. My own leadership journey has taken me from a passive leader to an active leader. Passive leaders only have titles. They aren’t leading. Organizations do better when the… Continue reading


This is the “U” installment of the leadership series, “Alphabet for Leaders.” During my college days I turned my car in front of another car. The front of the other guy’s car and… Continue reading

Grateful for gratitude

We play a part in the progress of people around us. Our evaluations, suggestions, and tweaks of their behavior may or may not be helpful. One thing is certain. Positive comments, gratitude, and… Continue reading

Making…..Performance…..Appraisals…..a Positive Experience

Leadershfreak welcomes guest blogger Sean Conrad. Thanks Sean. For a lot of people, performance appraisals are a negative experience, because we are being judged by another. But you could change the whole experience… Continue reading