Community Update – 8/28/2010

You make a difference.

The Leadership Freak (LF) blog continues growing. Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing LF with others. August became a record month on August 25th.

Special thanks to John Spence author of Awesomely Simple. His interview and the book review generated a record number of comments. Along with that, thanks go to Doc for summarizing the top three leadership qualities and creating a graph illustrating the results. Character based or Behavior based leadership.


Suggestions & Feedback

Some LF readers are making suggestions for extending the reach of Leadership Freak.  They suggest; creating videos, blog summaries, comment summaries, more book reviews, using LF blogs as a foundation for writing a book. I’m still learning and appreciate your suggestions.

Book Reviews

I continue receiving books from publishers. I’ll be reviewing at least two books a month.


Blast from the past

If you haven’t read it, 4 Ways to spot backstabbers before its too late, is one of the most viewed LF posts.


Leadership quote:

“Before you can lead you have to believe that you can have a positive impact on others.” Kouzes & Posner in The Truth about Leadership.

It’s striking that with all the LF conversations on John Spence on Life and Leadership about the top three leadership qualities that we didn’t include the #1 quality that  Kouzes & Posner suggest.


Thanks for your support!

Leadership Freak

Dan Rockwell