Monthly Archive: May, 2011

The CEO of Deloitte Learns Respect from his Dad

You should respect Jim Quigley, the leader of the world’s largest professional services organization. Jim Quigley told me, however, that leadership is about giving respect. Jim said, “What I believe about leadership I… Continue reading

Seven ways to refill your emotional tank

Running on empty damages you, your organization, and those around you. Eventually you’ll do and say things you’ll regret. Leaders feel the ebb and flow of emotion. Monthly cycles, duties you hate, unexpected… Continue reading

10 Ways to Step Forward after Slipping Back

The first step toward excellence goes down not up.   You step down because you’re stepping where haven’t stepped before. Proficiency takes time and practice. Prepare yourself; you won’t reach excellence. There’s always… Continue reading

Public Speaking Tips from the CEO of Deloitte

James Quigley is global CEO of Deloitte, the largest private professional services firm on earth. Jim generously gave me 45 minutes on the phone. I asked Jim to share a personal weakness that… Continue reading

9 Questions that Create Connections

She was reading at two, a University of California sophomore at 17, and speaks eight languages. Pam Fox Rollin didn’t sound arrogant but I wondered if in her younger days she was –… Continue reading

Letting people see our Frailties

People that know me best compliment me least and people that know me least compliment me most. Some compliments aren’t sincere. They’re flattery. A compliment is flattery when it’s designed to manipulate us.… Continue reading