How to create high potential communities?

Ken Blanchard told me Jesse Stoner is one of the world’s experts on the topic of vision.

Jesse grew up Jewish in a small Midwest community where being Jewish was something you hid if you could. She lived in two worlds.

In the main stream world she knew she didn’t fully belong and kept her ethnicity to herself.

In her smaller community, she deeply belonged. She didn’t realize all her “aunts” and “uncles” weren’t relatives until she was in her teens. She grew up rooted and belonging to a tight community born partially as a result of prejudice.

Thirty years later, Jesse Stoner has become one of the world’s experts in creating vision. More importantly, her specific expertise is moving vision from dream to reality. She’s all about making vision happen.

When I asked Jesse what excites her about vision she said, “Vision is something that brings people together to achieve a purpose that reaches beyond individuals.” She added, “Creating and executing vision brings people together in a context that maximizes their potential.

Jesse explained four essential components of vision that creates connected, high potential communities.

  1. Embracing a noble purpose brings people together. For example, your business is more than selling shoes. Its making people feel good about themselves while they are walking to work. Noble purpose motivates individuals to band together. It gives them energy to identify and embrace shared values.
  2. Shared values create and maintain community cohesion.
  • Talk over and explore shared values.
  • Explain what they mean in clear language.
  • Identify which values fuel your passion.
  • Enjoy the power of alignment.

Jesse explained that, “Everyone doesn’t have to share the same values to the same degree. However, everyone needs to agree on which value or values they are willing to stand in front of the bus for.”

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