10 Ways to Step Forward after Slipping Back

The first step toward excellence goes down not up.


get close to those

You step down because you’re stepping where haven’t stepped before.

Proficiency takes time and practice.

Prepare yourself; you won’t reach excellence. There’s always better, if there isn’t your aim is too low.

The place for average

Be average at things that don’t matter to you.

Brushing your teeth, stacking groceries in the cupboard, car care… Reach for excellence when reaching matters.

10 strategies for stepping forward after slipping back:

  1. Lift yourself by lifting others.
  2. Remember lessons; forget failures.
  3. Remain focused on the big picture when your emotions let you down. They will let you down.
  4. Get close to those who are great at things you want to be great at.
  5. Compare your progress with your vision not with mediocrity. It’s arrogant, self-gratifying, and de-motivating to think you’re doing well compared to those who aren’t.
  6. Think progress. Take one step toward excellence.
  7. Stay strong at the end. The closer the deadline the stronger the temptations to lower your reach.
  8. Celebrate successes they’re fuel for your fire.
  9. Stay away from negative people.
  10. Don’t feel you need #10 if nine is enough.

You never reach excellence but you can pursue it.

How do you pursue excellence?

What’s the best suggestion you have for those pursuing excellence?