How to choose your leadership-identity

I’m soon to be a grandfather for the fourth time. The first three grandchildren called me Poppi but that’s been shortened to pop. I’ve intentionally chosen my Pop identity.

I’m the wacky, fun pop. I’m the pop who turns all the lights off and says let’s play hide and seek with flash lights. I’m the guy who rubs growing powder on kids and they instantly grow half an inch.

There’s truth in “You are what you do.” Behaviors make us. You could also say, “do what you want to become”. Choosing who you want to become in the future directs, enables, and energizes what you do in the present.

Choose who you want to be

You can choose your leadership-identity. By nature I’m pessimistic; by choice I’m optimistic. I frequently speak otherwise by choosing language opposite my natural inclination.

Two determining factors

First, choose a leadership-identity that aligns with your vision for yourself. Talents, personality, knowledge, and experience are factors; however let vision determine your direction.

Second, choose the perceptions you want to produce and then emphasize corresponding behaviors.

Is it hypocrisy

Is it hypocritical to choose optimism when I’m a pessimist? No.

Its hypocrisy when I pretend I’m not who I am. Since you know my leaning toward pessimism and my intention toward optimism, I’m not a hypocrite.

Chose behaviors that enhance your effectiveness and reflect who you’re becoming.

A tension

I love the idea of leading in alignment with who I am. Leadership is a matter of how to be. I also love the idea of becoming the leader I want to be.

What vision have you chosen for your leadership identity?