10 Power-Tips that Build Potential

You aren’t the future. The passion, potential, and skills of your team are the future of your organization. Vision cast until the cows come home but others make it happen.

Organizations don’t rise above their leaders. Leaders never rise above the leveraged potential of their teams.

It’s always about the people. Your future is black unless you:

  1. Attract high quality people.
  2. Enhance your team’s talent and potential.
  3. Retain great people.
  4. Focus, apply, and develop your team’s skills.

10 Power-tips that build the potential of others:

  1. Always believe in them. If you believe in them, they’ll believe in themselves.
  2. Put them under moderate levels of stress. Nurturing-leaders hobble their team when they protect them from pressure.
  3. Support them when they are challenged by honoring their energy and efforts.
  4. Provide resources; but remember too many resources stifle creativity.
  5. Focus on their strengths not their weaknesses. Don’t get sucked into what you wish they could do.
  6. Engage them in the process of setting goals and creating vision.
  7. Give them opportunities when they are ready; 80% ready is ready enough.
  8. Expose them to others who are doing what they could do.
  9. Shorten the time-line for completing projects.
  10. Help them press through excuses.

A word on pain:

Young and emerging leaders always rise to the point of pain; the discomfort of moving from average to remarkable. Passion takes people to the point of pain but conviction, vision, persistence, and courage help them break through.

When the pain hits, let them falter and then come along side. Learn if it’s a word of comfort or a kick in the pants that bests challenges them. Give them a  fresh taste of vision for success. Their pain is your moment.


How do you enhance the potential of others?


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