The Top Ten Lies Leaders Believe

The truth is we tell ourselves lies. Lies seem to make life better, they make us feel more useful and in control.

I can always tell when I touch the lies people believe about themselves. They deny the obvious and defend the ridiculous. It reminds me of the time one of our children denied stomping up the crumbed crackers they were standing in.

Excuses are the way we defend the lies we tell ourselves. Someone said, “An excuse is the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie.” I’ve seen plenty of stuffing. How about you?

The top ten lies leaders believe:

  1. People love it when I tweak their work.
  2. They’ll forget my emotional outbursts.
  3. Hiding weaknesses works.
  4. If I close my eyes, this problem will eventually go away.
  5. Everything depends on me.
  6. I am a good listener.
  7. I welcome new ideas.
  8. I don’t have a problem with arrogance.
  9. I talk values, mission, and vision enough.
  10. I need more time.
Bonus: My way is the best way.

What lie did I forget?

Which lies are most dangerous?


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