Monthly Archive: June, 2012

10 Ways to Encourage Discouraged People

Leaders who lift get further than those who push down. Performance improves when people feel encouraged and declines when they lose hope. You don’t have to beat up high-performers – they do it to… Continue reading

Five Ways to Get Good at Mistake Making

***** The fear of making mistakes doesn’t prevent mistakes it destroys progress and growth. John Wooden said, “I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.” Challenge: Too many mistakes and you lose credibility. Too… Continue reading

Secrets to Leading Without Position or Authority

Yesterday, I asked an upper-level manager at one of the world’s largest organization how he’d risen through the ranks so rapidly – he lit up and talked collaboration. He’s succeeding because he influences… Continue reading

Four Secrets to Connecting with Old Leaders

Wouldn’t it be great if long-term-old-timers loved the new kids on the block? But, established leaders don’t respect inexperienced whippersnappers. In addition, new kids are a nuisance; they question, challenge, and disrupt. You long… Continue reading

Breaking the Peek-A-Boo Cycle

Fear is behind leaders who withdraw into ivory towers. Transparency terrifies; they’re peak-a-boo leaders. Perhaps someone will see they don’t know as much as they pretend or can’t do as much as they… Continue reading

Stop Barking up the Wrong Tree

Leaders who work to extend their influence are barking up the wrong tree. John Maxwell said, “Leadership is influence.” But, gaining influence isn’t about working to get it; it’s about connecting. Stop worrying… Continue reading