Monthly Archive: August, 2012

The Surprising Side of Gaining Influence.

You can’t lead people you don’t know. Knowing others means understanding and appreciating not judging. Humility: Knowing others is first about you then about others. Humility accepts. Arrogance judges and rejects. Difference frustrates… Continue reading

Handling Co-Worker Complaints and Backstabbing

Here’s a question from a recent workshop participant. “How do you handle someone complaining about a co-worker?” First, you want people to come to you. Some managers want challenges, problems, and people to… Continue reading

Finding the Missing Link of Leadership

You’re great at doing but are you great at connecting? I’m still blown away by Henry Mintzberg’s one word of advice, “Connect.” Business stresses and people tensions result in unhappy, disengaged staff unless… Continue reading

In Praise of Power

Saying, “I’m the boss,” indicates you’ve lost influence and resorted to intimidation. Coercive power offends. But, power isn’t a dirty word, with it you get things done. Without power, nothing gets done. Power… Continue reading

Mintzberg Rejects Macro-Leadership

“Macro-leadership is just as bad as micro-management.” Henry Mintzberg. During our conversation, Mintzberg explained that, “It’s destructive to separate management from leadership. Leaders need to get their hands dirty.” No buy in: Mintzberg… Continue reading