Monthly Archive: November, 2012

The Most Important Thing

Facebook contributors completed the sentence, “The most important thing leaders do is _______.” The first 10 responses were: Listen. Give feedback. Empower. Communicate vision. Inspire. Enable others… Learn. Lead! Keep hope alive. Pray.… Continue reading

How Leaders Frustrate Others

Last week, I frustrated someone, again. I thought I learned my lesson but old habits die hard. There’s always room for improvement, from my point of view. Nothing’s ever done. I’m tempted to… Continue reading

Finding Focus: 12 Leadership Focal Points

Ever end the day worn out but wondering what you accomplished. Coach Wooden warned, “Never confuse activity with achievement.” Life without focus is wasted. Worse yet, wrong focus guarantees wrong results. Don’t focus… Continue reading

Making Dreams Matter

Dreams smolder and die unless others own them. Passion isn’t meaningful until it ignites others. Igniting passion isn’t pumping up. Pumping up: Is fun at events but manipulative as long-term strategy. Places unnecessary burden on leaders and… Continue reading

The Four Powers of Gratitude

  The gift of young leaders is unhappiness. The tragedy of old leaders is contentment. Unhappiness and discontent ignite passion for change. Warning: Slime pits of ingratitude lie just beyond unhappiness. Nothing de-motivates… Continue reading

The Struggle and Power of Divergent Values

It’s a mistake to expect everyone to fully align with your values. Shared values are never fully shared. Power of values:  Shared values are the heartbeat of vibrant organizations. Values drive decisions. Decisions… Continue reading