Monthly Archive: January, 2013

Something Better than “I think I Can”

Traditional wisdom says self-affirmation builds optimism and confidence. Dispel doubt, discouragement, and fear by repeating things like: “I’m awesome.” “I can do this.” What if the Little Engine that Could – “I think… Continue reading

Three Surprising Secrets to Moving People

All leaders move people. Moving people begins when you understand them, not when they understand you. Daniel Pink believes the ability to move people begins with attunement. “Attunement is the ability to bring… Continue reading

5 Ways to Become a Healthy People-Pleaser

Only people-pleasers succeed. The more people you please the more success you enjoy. The list of people who need pleasing includes: Clients. Superiors. Boards. Employees. Colleagues. Vendors. “Just please yourself,” may be an… Continue reading


Life goes where you look. Drift is inevitable. Course correction is normal. Cars and motorcycles drift where drivers look. Skiers and runners go where their eyes go. Individuals and organizations drift toward short-term… Continue reading


Successful leaders propel others forward. It’s about them, not you. Magnetism inward is inevitable, persistent, and backward to leadership. Backward leaders view life through the lens of personal impact and feelings. They ask:… Continue reading

12 Ways to Fuel Your Own Fire

Image source Burned-out is easy. Neglect your energy and you’ll go out like an unstoked fire. Fire always cools without fuel. Ten years ago, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz wrote, The Power of… Continue reading