Monthly Archive: April, 2013

When Teammates Collide

Forward-focused teammates clash with foot-draggers.  But, foot-draggers aren’t the problem. My approach to an opportunity is grab it and go. Planning isn’t high on my list. I know it’s important but can’t we… Continue reading

I Felt Like a Leader But I Wasn’t

Carry-on bags are stowed “below” in small planes where overhead storage is small. After landing, passengers line the jet bridge waiting for their luggage. Most contact friends or chat. People in the back… Continue reading

Books for Leadership Freaks

Leaders are learners. When I’m asked for book recommendations, I always ask, “Have you read, “The Leadership Challenge,” by Kouzes and Posner. New and recommended: The Secret of Teams Culture Secret Focus To… Continue reading

How to Get Where You Want to Grow

Growth is a function of engaging in new activities. “New” is the difficult thing. Everyone wants to grow but not everyone wants to step from the known into the unknown. The edge and… Continue reading

Ten Ways to Gain Initiative by Giving Authority

Ineffective leaders seize and hoard authority; successful leaders give it. Those who cling to authority loose it. Those who give authority gain authority. Authority is permission to act without permission. Control freaks never… Continue reading

Six Steps to Energy

Leaders correct too much and affirm too little. Hold monthly affirmation sessions. Here’s how. Invite one key player to an affirmation session for the sole purpose of encouragement. Be prepared. You do this… Continue reading