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Top Ten Qualities of Exceptional Leaders

standing out

Fitting in is the formula for mediocrity. Average is safe, boring, and deadly.

I’ve been rubbing elbows with outstanding leaders from organizations on the Great Place to Work list of exceptional companies. Excellence electrifies the air at their annual conference.

Outstanding leaders live by bold principles.

Exceptional leaders courageously declare themselves.

I’m hearing things like:

Exceptional leaders:

  1. Courageously declare themselves.
  2. Embrace bold principles.
  3. Live authentically.
  4. Pursue exceptional.
  5. Expect others to rise to challenges.
  6. Practice rigorous accountability.
  7. Don’t make exceptions for themselves.
  8. Believe in uncomfortable transparency.
  9. Love their organizations.
  10. Put people first.

An observation:

Some organizations reward fitting in and punish standing out. Exceptional leaders, on the other hand, make fitting in dangerous.

You can’t fit in if you plan to stand out.

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What qualities do you see in exceptional leaders?

What bold principles guide your leadership?

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