Monthly Archive: June, 2013

Who Not What

Stop teaching leaders what to do. Teach them who to be. Four steps toward character based leadership First, determine who you want to be as an organization. Forget about what you do. That… Continue reading

How to Quickly End Office Drama

Office drama – interpersonal spats, personality conflicts, pissing contests, and backstabbing – serves no useful purpose. Leaders frequently say people “problems” top the list of concerns they daily address. Drama: Elevates pettiness. Distracts… Continue reading

How Hard Work got Chris Fired

Image source Heads down hard work lands you out the door, eventually. Hard work is essential, but not enough, to keep earning promotions. Fired not promoted: The board fired the CEO of Callidus… Continue reading

Rubbing the Genie

Rub the genie to get three wishes. In organizations, rubbing the genie includes telling leaders what they want to hear. It’s an act of foolishness or profound friendship to speak the truth to… Continue reading

Who’s Your Daddy

We sit at the feet of successful leaders like children being cared for by parents. Our childishness speaks to lack of power, fear of failure, and the false hope that someone will take… Continue reading

Overcoming the Disempowerment of HR

Leave a comment on today’s post and become eligible for one of twenty-five copies of, “Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest,” by Peter Block. *** Human Resource Departments that are dedicated to serving upper… Continue reading