12 Ways to End Fear and Inspire Boldness

You just walked out of your boss’s office and you feel small and anxious. You work for a small boss.

Small, fearful leaders make others feel small and afraid.

small leaders


You’re smaller than the person you make feel small.

Successful leaders make people feel brave and powerful.

4 P’s that end fear and inspire boldness:

  1. Practical Principles. The principle of maximizing strengths more than fixing weaknesses inspires boldness, for example.
  2. Pivotal People. Courageous leaders inspire bravery; fearful inspire fear.
  3. Private Practices. It’s hard to be bold when you’re being someone you’re not. Engage in self-reflection.
  4. Panic Projects. Remember when your hair was on fire and no one was around to put it out? Boldness is the result of working through fear.

12 ways to be a “Pivotal Person” who inspires boldness:

  1. Encourage but don’t coddle. Hand-holders prolong helplessness. Confidence blossoms when you realize you can stand on your own.
  2. Extend help but remain hands off. Do stuff with others not for others. When your desire to be helpful exceeds their commitment to succeed frustration sets in.
  3. Rise above minutia. Shine a light on their big picture and repeated patterns. Those who are in the battle don’t see the battle.
  4. Stay open to who they are. Don’t mold mini-me’s.
  5. Be curious and hopeful about their path.
  6. Share your successes and failures. But, listen more than talk.
  7. Hold high standards. Expect excellence.
  8. Show kindness but be tough. Say, “You have more in you.”
  9. Confront uncomfortable realities. “You gave up too soon.”
  10. Focus on growing through not giving up. Ask, “What are you learning?
  11. Give generously but don’t create dependence. Be sure they have more skin in the game than you.
  12. Challenge self-importance and entitlement thinking. Humility is the heart of courage.

Bonus: Believe in them more than they believe in themselves.

How have others inspired your boldness?

Which of the 4 P’s has transformed your leadership most?