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13 Ways Leaders Make Dumb Decisions

Dumb is easy at the beginning and painful in the end.

The future depends on today’s wise decision.

13 ways to make dumb decisions:

  1. Ignore the strengths, weaknesses, and passions of teammates. Birds don’t swim and fish don’t fly. It doesn’t matter what you decide when decisions outstrip capacity or competence.
  2. Make options black or white choices. Either/or decisions are boxes in your mind.  Rather than saying “or” explore “and.” How can you create exceptional by bringing options together, for example?
  3. Fear looking weak, wrong, or dumb. Image-preserving and ego-protecting lead to foolishness. Fear makes you dumb. Be curious with courage.
  4. Go with your gut. You may feel your decision is smart, but what are you missing? Decisions based on unchallenged feelings are self-indulgent disasters waiting to happen.
  5. Go with your first inclination.
  6. Confirm assumptions after decisions are made. Dumb decisions always have justification.
  7. Seek input from those who don’t share your values. Diversity is powerful in most areas, but not when it comes to values.
  8. Lose sight of the big picture.
  9. Listen to dreamers when you should listen to doers. Ask dreamers what could we do? Ask doers how can we do it?
  10. Listen to doers when you should listen to dreamers. Begin the decision-making process with dreamers; end it with doers.
  11. Repeat the past without evaluating past results. Are you really getting the results you want or are you just addicted to being busy? Wisdom for the future begins with rigorous evaluation of the past.
  12. Listen to the same people. Your current team is awesome, but every team benefits from new perspectives. Expand your relationships or you’ll repeat the past.
  13. Wait for 100% certainty. It’s too late if you’re absolutely certain.

What are the factors in making dumb decisions?

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