7 Powerful Qualities of Servant-Leaders

Every act of leadership is an act of service. Anything less is exploitation.

The higher you go, the more people you get to serve.


People aren’t in organizations to serve leaders. Leaders are in organizations to serve people.

Weak leaders expect service; strong leaders give it.

5 fears:

Self-importance ignites fear in servant-leaders.

5 fears of fledgling servants:

  1. Under-appreciation. Others seldom understand the depth of your service.
  2. Neglect. If you serve others, who serves you?
  3. The shadows. Being overshadowed and forgotten by those you put in the spotlight.
  4. Minimization. If you don’t grab the trappings of leadership won’t you appear weak?
  5. Dependence. How can you put your future in the performance of others?

Self-importance prevents you from serving.

Get down in the dirt and put the ANT in serve. Become a servANT-leader.

7 behaviors of servant-leaders:

Think like a waiter or waitress. Put the interests of others ahead of your own.

Choose usefulness.

  1. Commit to create a great experience for others.
  2. Watch over; never hover.
  3. Inquire, understand, and connect.
  4. Don’t intrude or dominate.
  5. Anticipate needs. Meet needs without being asked.
  6. Clear. Get stuff out of the way without getting in the way.
  7. Express gratitude for the opportunity to serve.

Life matters most to those who give the most.

Greatest act of service:

No one knows you’re serious until you deal with violators.

Demonstrate commitment to servant-leadership by dealing promptly and firmly with violators. You get what you tolerate.

Make it safe to serve. Create a serving-culture.

Create, protect, and nurture servant-culture in your organization. Honor and promote servants. Correct, marginalize, and expel bullies, abusers, and drifters.

The leader who serves the most wins.

What does servant-leadership look like to you?

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