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How to Rise Above Overworked and Overwhelmed

How can you overcome things that prevent you from being at your best?

“There are simple, relatively easy steps you can take to pull your life from the brink.  I’m confident that working harder isn’t one of them.” Scott Eblin

This post is based on Scott Eblin’s new book, “Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative.”

Mindfulness is the alternative to overworked and overwhelmed.

Mindfulness is doing simple things that make us more aware of what’s going on around us and inside us and then being intentional about what we’re going to do – or not do – next.

2 Reasons You’re overworked and overwhelmed:

Too much of a good thing. Over-used strengths make you weak. Figure out how to leverage the strengths of others.

Playing against your strengths. Working too hard to be good at things you’re just not wired to be good at hinder your best.

Intentionally manage your time so you have a fighting chance of showing up at your best.

10 tips for managing your time with mindfulness:

  1. Overcoming the tyranny of the present. Pick up your head and look into the future.
  2. Ask, “Is this really even necessary?”
  3. Push your calendar reset button.
    • What’s most important to get done today?
    • Recognize the things that still have to be done.
    • Schedule distractions to a future time.
  4. Understand and set your operating schedule.
  5. Schedule the most important rocks first.
  6. Give yourself time for unconscious thought.
  7. Set boundaries and guidelines.
  8. Use yes and no strategically. Avoid a mindless yes.
  9. Tame the distraction dragon.
  10. Consider your impact. People are taking their cues from you.

The good news is that even a few moments of routines like breathing deeply from your belly, getting up from your desk to stretch for a few minutes or taking ten minutes to go for a walk can activate your rest and digest response and get you out of the chronic state of fight or flight that creates stormy weather for you and your team.

Bonus material:

Scott on the power of movment (2:05):

Scott on the power of reflection (1:37)

Which time management tips work best for you?

How are you practicing mindfulness?

Buy Scott’s book:

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