How to Establish Connection with Anyone

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, works for roses, not people. People don’t like “any other name.” They like their own.

I’m terrible with names. It might be genetic.

I was the oldest of five children. When mom was upset, she went through my brothers’ names before she finally arrived at, “Danny!” For the record, the delay didn’t help.

a rose by any other name would smell as sweet works for roses not people.png

Connection enhances influence. Remembering names enhances connection. Leadership is influence.

People you meet for a second time lower barriers when you remember their names.

7 tips for remembering names:

  1. Have name helpers. Ask someone who knows. I have several people I go to in my organization when I can’t remember a name. “Who is that?”
  2. Use the name. Once I’m reminded of someone’s name, I go to that person and greet them with their name.
  3. Ask your host or handler at engagements for help.
    • Who should I meet?
    • What is their name?
    • Introduce yourself.
    • Ask them to say their name if it’s unusual.
    • Say their name back to them.
  4. Introduce new acquaintances to others. “Hi Bob, have you met Mary. She’s from Brazil.”
  5. Write down names at meetings. When the meeting leader asks people to introduce themselves, write down names in order. I’ve used this for years. It really helps.
  6. Exchange business cards. Take a moment to look at the card. Make a comment related to something on the card. “Oh, I see you’re from Wisconsin.”
  7. Use their name, but don’t overdo. “Mary, would you please pass the butter?” But, repeatedly using someone’s name is awkward.

The most important thing is pay attention when meeting new people. Focus on them. Relax. Don’t worry about what you’re going to say.

Others think you’re fascinating when you focus on them.

What tips for remembering names do you suggest?