The Most Important New System You Could Implement in 2016

Leaders spend too much time crafting values statements and too little putting them into practice.

The work isn’t crafting values; it’s living them.

The most important new system you could implement is one that enables you to evaluate and align behaviors with values.

the work isn't crafting values it's living them.png

The sense of accomplishment from crafting a powerful values statement is misplaced. Leaders huddle in isolation debating definitions, grammar, and punctuation. You haven’t done anything until you put your values into practice.

The power of values is in the living, not the writing.

Schedule quarterly values alignment meetings:

  1. Tell stories of how values are expressed in daily decisions.
  2. Evaluate daily behaviors with values statements.
  3. Define how living by values enables your organization to execute strategy and achieve goals.

The deeper work of leadership is organizing people around shared values.

Values without behaviors are meaningless.

7 questions to evaluate and propagate values:

  1. What behaviors express our values? We best see our values when we …?
  2. How do our values guide us while we execute strategy, achieve goals, and reward results?
  3. What are we doing that undermines or conflicts with our values?
  4. What behaviors should we confront? Values are seen in courageous intolerance. “We don’t do that here.”
  5. How do leaders exemplify our values? (Managers, support staff, employees, …)
  6. Who exemplifies our values? What are they doing?
  7. How might we honor and emulate those who best exemplify our values?

Create new functional roles:

  1. Chief Values Officer.
  2. Champion of Values. (Assigned on a quarterly basis for every team.)
  3. Auditor of Values.

Authentic leaders bring organizational values to life.

What system to evaluate and propagate values might leaders institute?