The Six Top Performers

Service is as simple as a cup of water. That’s what Leadership Freak is all about. Occasionally, a post seems to connect deeply with my audience. Here are the top six posts from 2015. (Based on views.)

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#1. The Complete List of Toxic Behaviors that Poison Teams (July 21)

Favorite ideas:

Toxic: Assume silence is agreement.

Healthy: Evaluate everything your team does by the reason for it’s existence.

#2. Solution Saturday: 10 Ways to Shorten Long Meetings (May 9)

Favorite ideas:

Ask people for their conclusion when they start speaking. (Especially if they are long-winded)

Limit the number of participants to five or six at most.

#3. Six Core Skills of Leaders who Develop Talent (Feb. 11)

Favorite ideas:

Talent development is the best development.

Stay focused on results while building relationships.

#4. Seven Things Successful Leaders Ignore (Sept. 6)

Favorite ideas:

Your leadership is doomed if you pay attention to everything. Urgency and priority may be separate issues.

Pay attention to patterns, not isolated incidents.

#5. 15 Ways to Tell if Someone is Arrogant or Humble (Aug. 28)

Favorite ideas:

Arrogance negotiates honesty based on what’s best for itself.

Arrogant leaders focus on your responsibility to them. Humble leaders focus on responsibility to others.

#6. How to Hold People Accountable Without Using Authority (Aug. 6 )

Favorite ideas:

Don’t demand what must be given. True accountability is self-imposed.

The uncommitted can be coerced but they don’t feel accountable.


The above list favors posts that have been published longer. For example, an article posted on December 20, 2015 would not make the list. Here, in the spirit of fairness, is the top post from the last quarter of 2015:

The Complete List of Extraordinary Leadership Qualities – Plus One (Dec. 3)

Favorite ideas:

Extraordinary leadership is about who you are.

All the skill in the world won’t compensate for a stingy heart.

Which Leadership Freak post(s) or ideas resonate with you?

What are the components of an effective/useful blog post?

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.