Succeeding with the Biggest Challenge of Leadership

Decisiveness becomes judgmentalism when you make decisions based on assumptions. The danger of being decisive is the tendency to make quick decisions about others that limit their potential and hinder relationships.

When you judge others, you assume:

  1. Your judgments are right.
  2. Your values are superior.
  3. Your way is the right way. This is only true if others are you.


Heart of Judgmentalism:

Judgmental leaders focus on changing others and validating themselves.  The heart of judgmentalism is the belief that others should be more like you.

The biggest challenge of leadership:

The biggest challenge of leadership isn’t changing others. It’s seeing beyond yourself. Leadership is about others. 

Judging allows you to focus on changing others. The result is:

  1. Standing aloof.
  2. Self-justification.
  3. Feeling superior.
  4. Manipulation.
  5. Disconnection.
  6. Pressure.
  7. Resistance.

Question of the day:

The question of the day is, ‘How might you adjust to others?’ not how do others need to be more like you. Just for today, focus on adjusting to others. (Inspired by The Outward Mindset, by the Arbinger Institute.)

  1. Show respect.
  2. Be curious.
  3. Go with, not against.

How might judgmentalism hinder leadership?

What does it mean for leaders to get out of themselves?