Angry People are More Like Goofy than Einstein

You feel brilliant when you’re angry. And the angrier you get, the dumber the world becomes.

Anger lowers your intelligence, not the intelligence of others.

Angry people need others to acknowledge their brilliance.

I don’t mean angry people are actually brilliant. I mean they believe in their own brilliance and others should appreciate it.

Anger is permission to:

#1. Throw your weight around.

Angry know-it-alls give themselves permission to push people around.

You’ve never met an angry person with an open mind.

You’ve never met an angry person who KNEW they were wrong, unless they were angry at themselves.

The most dangerous person in the room is right with a closed mind.

#2. Chew with your mouth open.

Anger is permission to yell and spit.

Good manners are inconveniences to angry people.

#3. Read minds.

Anger enables you to KNOW and confront other people’s selfish motives. NOT!

Somehow anger is a super power.

#4. Slam your door and pout.

A person who withdraws and pouts is afraid to speak up.

Powerful people get aggressive. Weak people pout.

Pouters want the same thing screaming idiots want – their own way.

It’s easy to transform pouters. Give pouters what they want and suddenly they’re happy.

Pouters are know-it-alls just like pushy people.

3 ways to get smart when you’re stressed and angry:

Constant stress makes you irritable.

An irritated person is one step from Goofy.

  1. Make a list of everything you want to control but can’t. Go outside and burn it. Or tear it to shreds and put it in the trash.
  2. Have an admiration meeting. Admire others. Let others admire you.
  3. Close your eyes and breathe for one minute. Set a timer and practice breathing every hour.

You’re humble when you want to learn and angry when you’re sure you know.

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