5 Practices of Humility when Your Wife is Driving the Car

Riding in the car when my wife is driving is an exercise in humility. My wife slows down when I would speed up.

She’s a defensive driver and I’m an offensive driver. Never mind that I’ve wrecked all the vehicles I’ve owned and she hasn’t wrecked any of hers. Actually, I crashed into her vehicle while it was parked in our driveway.

We just came back from the hardware store and I’ve been practicing humility.

We were in the left lane and a street sweeper was in the right. The light ahead was still green but the the car in front of us was turning left. It was obvious if we sped up we could zip in front of the street sweeper and make it through the light.

Did she speed up? No! She slowed down. Thankfully, the street sweeper was going so slow that she managed to change lanes and we made it through the light. What was I doing while this transpired?

I was driving from the passenger seat. Thankfully, because I’m so humble, I sat in respectful silence. But my heart wasn’t in it.

5 practices of humility when your wife is driving the car:

  1. When someone else is driving/leading, keep your mouth shut unless you open it to express gratitude or encouragement.
  2. Let competent others do things their way. Here’s a thought. Honor their way.
  3. Reflect on your track-record before offering advice. Are you really that much better? Or are you still learning? (If you aren’t still learning, you may be the problem.)
  4. It’s not a sacrifice to make room for others to lead.
  5. Instead of offering suggestions, seek advice.

Arrogant leaders struggle to maximize diversity because difference irritates arrogance.

Celebrating difference is easier when we’re alike.

What practice of humility seems most relevant when dealing with competent others?

What humility practice might you add to the above list?

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