How to Take Your Team to the Next Level in 30 Days

Successful teams do the work AND they work on the WAY they do the work.

Go further faster by working on the WAY you work.

The Magic Wand:

If you waved a magic wand over your team, what would emerge when the smoke clears?

During a team meeting, make a list of words that describe the team you aspire to develop. (Yes, you love your team. But what would cause you to love it even more?)

Describe your aspirational team.

  1. Energetic team.
  2. Accountable team.
  3. Interactive team.
  4. Decisive team.
  5. Growth-oriented team.
  6. Happy team.
  7. Courageous team.
  8. Focused team.
  9. Compassionate team.
  10. Organized team.
  11. Supportive team.
  12. Visionary team.
  13. Flexible team.
  14. Solution-oriented team.
  15. Collaborative team.
  16. Proactive team.
  17. Innovative/creative team.
  18. Dependable team.
  19. Candid team.
  20. Trusting team.
  21. In-your-face team.


Have everyone on the team circle three team-qualities from your combined list that they would love to develop. Tabulate the results and pick the ‘winner’. If there is no clear winner, create a new list from each team member’s top three selections and ask everyone to choose their top one.

Suppose the winner is ‘Accountable team’.


Ask each team member to define accountability. Discuss and craft a team-definition of accountability. Write it on the white board.


Complete this sentence with actions/behaviors. “I see accountability when …”

For example…

  1. Clear deadlines are publicly known.
  2. Team members declare their deliverables at the end of the meeting.
  3. Every project has a champion.
  4. People celebrate progress based on milestones.
  5. Missed deadlines are publicly discussed and new strategies adopted.


Choose one behavior from your list that everyone will intentionally practice this week. Next week choose a different behavior. (Adopt four behaviors over the next 30 days.)

Rinse and repeat:

Debrief the process at the end of 30 days. Choose a different item from your original list and repeat the process. Perhaps, “Decisive team.”

How might teams work on the way they work?

How might you modify the above process?