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Dealing with Anger: 3 ways to Transform Negative Energy into Positive Action

Successful leaders know how to transform negative energy into positive action.

You don’t care enough if you never feel irritation or frustration.

The temptation of anger:

Emotion controls action. Angry leaders get quick results.

Anger is a seductive shortcut to influence.

Anger inspires action from those who want a job.

Authority to give promotions is the power to instill fear.

Fear makes anger powerful.

Leaders that control assignments are feared by those who seek advancement.

When people fear you, your anger motivates them.

A frustrating universe:

There’s great value in writing down goals, but the universe doesn’t care if you reach them.

If the universe conspired to help us, leadership would be irrelevant. Everyone would get what they want. Achieving dreams would be easy.

An indifferent universe is frustration for aspiration.

Negative energy transforms to positive action when you rise above a universe that doesn’t cooperate.

3 ways to transform negative energy into positive action:

Anger can be deadly, but frustration is your friend.

#1. Frustration points to aspiration.

Negative energy transforms to positive action when you ask, “What do I really want?”

In the beginning, frustration tells you what you don’t want and don’t like. Use negative energy to clarify positive aspiration to serve others.

#2. Frustration says it’s time to speak up.

Frustration builds up when you don’t speak up. But don’t blow up.

Anger obscures the vulnerability it takes to say what you truly want.

Say ‘I’ not ‘you’ when describing what you want.

#3. Frustration says it’s time to try something new.

Persistence turns to anger when you keep doing what isn’t working.

When frustration persists, ask,

  1. “What’s not working?”
  2. “What do I need to stop?”
  3. “What might I do differently?”
  4. “Who might help?”

How does negative energy produce short-term results?

How might leaders transform negative energy into positive action?

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