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How to Pull Weeds Less and Grow Fruit More

You’ve been working to make a difference but every weed you pull is replaced by three more. Worse yet, new weeds seem more malicious than old.

If you aren’t careful, you’ll end up being a weed-puller. But leadership includes growing fruit. This year is half over. What if you spent the last six months pulling weeds, but there’s no fruit in the garden?  

Glad it’s over:

Leadership is more than gritting your teeth and waiting for complexity and difficulty to pass.

You might think, “I’ll be glad when this is over,” but that thinking devalues the drive and effort it takes to grow fruit during difficulty and turbulence.

6-month checkup:

A long-time coaching client sent me his half-year assesment form that he uses for himself and his team. It reminded me that reflecting, assessing, and refocusing are necessary, even in turbulence.

Don’t tolerate lack of focus because times are turbulent and the best you can do is pull the next weed.

Halftime – 6-month checkup:

#1. List five wins during the first half of the year.

#2. In what area did you make the most progress?

#3. In what area did you lose momentum?

#4. What could you do to generate new momentum where momentum has slowed?

#5. What practice has served you well in the first 6-months of this year?

#6. What new practice will serve you well in the second half of this year?

#7. What is one thing, if it happened in the second half of this year, that would make your year a major success? (Think of things within your control.)

Time to reflect and refocus protects you from blindly pulling the next weed. Next-thinging isn’t leadership.

It’s most useful to lift your head out of the weeds when you’re surrounded by weeds.

How might leaders lift their heads out of the weeds?

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