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The #1 Quality of Leaders Who Inspire Us

You don’t need rank, title, or formal authority to inspire people.

I’m inspired by anyone who sweats to reach high. I’m inspired when I see our kids and grandchildren striving to master sports, music, art, math, marriage, parenting, or work.

People who struggle to make a difference take my breath away.

Aspiration combined with perspiration makes you beautiful. Apathy offends your potential. But there’s more.


Inspirational leaders enable people to try new things, achieve new goals, and become their best selves. Average leaders get conformity. Inspirational leaders breathe life into the world.

Inspirational leaders:

  1. Stir the embers of belief into flame.
  2. Feed innate desires for meaning.
  3. Bolster courage to climb new mountains.
  4. Enable pursuit.

Table stakes:

7 qualities to earn a spot at the table where inspirational leaders sit.

  1. Courage.
  2. Vision.
  3. Quiet grit. Glitter is optional. Quiet grit is essential.
  4. Love. Hate makes you ugly. Serving the best interest of others makes you delightful.
  5. Vulnerability. Fakers offend us; they can’t inspire.
  6. Engagement. Standing aloof disgusts people doing real work. Get dirty.
  7. Humility.

The #1 quality of leaders who inspire us:

Self-sacrifice inspires people.

Self-limiting cliches include, “I have to take care of myself,” and, “I have to do what’s best for me.” There’s a bigger truth. Inspirational people take care of others and do what’s best for the community.

The needs of the community surpass the needs of individuals. What’s good for the community outweighs what’s good for an individual.

Selfcare is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Take care of yourself SO YOU CAN take care of others.

Toes are important, but apart from community you’re a toe without a body.  

People who serve the greater good inspire us. People who serve themselves and neglect others build small lives, even if they get ahead.

What quailities of inspirational leaders might you add?

What quality is most important to you?

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Afterword: You may be in a place where self-care takes priority. You’re in a place where the community serves you. This explains why community is more important than the individual.

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