12 Things the Worst Leaders Do That You Can Learn From

Don’t pour gravel in the stew. Leave out things the worst leaders do.

Ask yourself, “How can I do the opposite of leaders who struggle, stumble and fail?”

The worst leaders wear fatigue like a badge of honor. Image of some wooden matches with some burned out.

12 things the worst leaders do that you can learn from:

#1. Wait for fatigue to rest. Go home before you’re exhausted. Save energy for life outside work.

#2. Cling to the status quo in a changing world. Start saying, “Let’s try it.”

#3. Choose isolation over connection. Show up proving people are more important than projects.

#4. Close their ears and open their mouth. Listening proves you care for others. Interrupting proves you care for yourself.

#5. Use power for personal advantage. People who enrich others flourish themselves if they receive as well as give.

#6. Cause frustration through inconsistent messaging. What would you say if you had to say the same three sentences every day? What would you ask if you were limited to three questions every day?

#7. Fail to give direction.

  1. Develop plans.
  2. Choose goals.
  3. Prioritize tasks.
  4. Clarify expectations.
  5. Set deadlines.

#8. Blame others. When people fall short ask, “What could I do better? Or “What did I leave undone that contributed to failure?”

#9. Pretend they’re competent.

Hiding faults is like a witch putting makeup on warts.

#10. Micromanage competent people. Control freaks drive teams bonkers. Use curiosity and affirmation more than intervention and tweaking.

#11. Lack empathy. The worst leaders are so full of themselves they have no room for others. Make a list of the top concerns of each person on your team. Don’t judge. Just list.

#12. Dismiss constructive feedback. The worst leaders ignore feedback. The best leaders seek it.

Notice what the worst leaders do and do the opposite.

What’s something the worst leaders do that you can learn from?

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