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The most powerful thing

Image by Stefan Engstrom Ken Blanchard told me he’s having the 51st anniversary of his 21st birthday tomorrow (May 6, 2011). Happy Birthday Ken! Ask him if he plans to retire and he’ll… Continue reading

If you were Magnificent

The problem with many leaders is they’re goal driven. Goals are great but they don’t last. Worse yet, goals don’t create magnificent unified communities that maximize your potential. I didn’t get a vision… Continue reading

As One: Individual Action, Collective Power

Leadership is about productivity, people, and purpose; it’s about exceeding the impact of individuals by creating a “cohesive group of people working together effectively toward a common goal or purpose.” Remarkable results demand… Continue reading

Mehrdad comes of Age

It was 1975 when the Baghai family fled Iran seeking religious freedom in Toronto, Canada. Mehrdad, their 9 year old son, landed in an English speaking classroom having learned English grammar and vocabulary… Continue reading

How was Jay Elliot changed by Steve Jobs?

A conversation with Jay Elliot, the former Sr. V.P. at Apple, must eventually swing to the enigmatic Steve Jobs. I didn’t ask about Steve. Jay just began talking. He spoke as if his… Continue reading

Great Leaders aren’t Emotional

Steve Jobs was 25 when Jay Elliot joined Apple. Back then, Steve used to say, “Don’t trust anyone over 30, except Jay.” That’s the kind of guy Jay Elliot is, he draws people… Continue reading