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A Weekend Update: 7/26 TO 7/30

I was just looking at this years lineup for the Global Leadership Summit. The firepower of the presenters is off the charts. For example, Malcom Gladwell is speaking on The Urgency of the… Continue reading

A Personal Note Regarding my Recovery

November 20, 2011 hangs in the misty past as one of life’s turning points. It’s the day I was life flighted to a regional trauma center after a severe car accident that nearly… Continue reading

The Power of Accidents

***Danger! This post is 400 words. Danger*** Incompetence makes you push challenges away. Inadequacy causes you to pull back. “Not good enough” (perfectionism) is the reason you don’t start. I’ve been putting off… Continue reading

Life Always Requires Intervention

Life always requires attentive intervention. Death arrives on its own. Do nothing you die. Do something you may live. Products, people, and organizations follow predictable life/death cycles. The organization I lead is positioned… Continue reading

Community Update 01/15/2011

I’ve opened a Leadership Freak fan page on Facebook, “Leadership Freak Coffee Shop.” It’s your opportunity to shape future posts, offer suggestions, share insights and give back to others. The Facebook page is… Continue reading


Dr. Al Diaz, featured Leadership Freak (LF) contributor, asked where are the Leadership Freak values. Here’s a first attempt at discovering, not creating, core LF Values. Ten Core Values Leadership: Individuals make a… Continue reading