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Memo to the New Team

To the new team: Thank you for accepting a seat at the table. I’m writing to you because you’re young and I’m counting on your new team to lift our organization to new… Continue reading

10 Remarkable Qualities of Wise Leaders

Wisdom is about behavior not intelligence. Wisdom is practical not theoretical; skillful not academic. Wisdom gets things done. Fools sit and talk while the wise move out. I’m not suggestion it’s foolish to… Continue reading

Right or Wrong Isn’t the Issue

This post is inspired by a reader who writes, “I believe that leaders make decision not based on what is right or wrong but what is relevant in the context.” Most leadership decisions… Continue reading

10 Essentials for Dynamic Candor

Inept leaders block uncomfortable topics from the discussion. It’s pathetic. Weak, fearful leaders need agreement to confirm their leadership. On the other hand, I recently spent time with five members of an executive team… Continue reading

Handling Co-Worker Complaints and Backstabbing

Here’s a question from a recent workshop participant. “How do you handle someone complaining about a co-worker?” First, you want people to come to you. Some managers want challenges, problems, and people to… Continue reading

Overcome the Dangers of Office Politics

Unethical office politicians create perceived threats. They’ll suggest someone is out to get you. “Watch out for Joe!” Vulnerability to unethical office politicians occurs when you wrongly believe they’re acting in your best… Continue reading