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12 Ways to Make Today a Great Day

Begin the day by choosing to make it a great day. Don’t expect others to make your day great. 12 ways to make today a great day: 1. Pause, breathe, and focus. Before… Continue reading

Half-Done Compassion

You have time to connect with people and show compassion. In the end, great relationships enhance our ability to work together productively.

How to Bridge the Unseen Gap between Perception and Intent

Perception determines response. You respond to frowns different than smiles, unless the smile seems disingenuous.

The way you’re perceived governs how people respond to you. This wouldn’t matter if leadership was done in isolation.

How to Face Resistance to Your Great Ideas

You can’t lead if resistance from others defeats you.

Every leader needs to learn how to overcome resistance. This post provides four actionable steps you can take to lower resistance and strengthen connection.

Learn 12 questions you can use today.

Get a Grip on the Power of Identity

The most powerful leadership principle I’ve learned is, Identity drives behavior.

When you lose yourself to work, you forget who you are. Energy drains. Frustration sets in.

True success today requires authenticity.

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Dear Dan: Am I Helping or Hindering

Today I’m answering a wonderful question from a reader. I wish more people asked, “How can I tell if I am helping or hindering.

We’ve all seen our efforts backfire.

Every leader has to terminate people. How can you do this without negative reflections on your own leadership skills?

How can you tell if someone really wants to grow?

Steady on!