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The Rule of the Needle

* Failing is easy – chase urgencies and neglect priorities. Success is found by passionately doing what matters most. ***** The thing that matters most for leaders is building other leaders. If you… Continue reading

Leadership’s Most Neglected Virtue

Few things are more devastating than being used and abused by those you support. Disloyalty burns like no other burn. Disloyalty demoralizes. Strength: The strength of an organization is expressed by the loyalty… Continue reading

Dads, Daughters, and Dreams

Welcome guest blogger – Becky Robinson. It’s almost bedtime, and my daughters are splashing in the bathtub, all three of them squeezed together. I’m sitting nearby, and we’re talking about dreams for the… Continue reading

A Father’s Day Dream

My dad, is a short man who lives in Florida; he’s in failing health. He’s the toughest, smartest, hardest working man I know. Last night I dreamed dad died. In the dream, I… Continue reading

Turnover: A Good Thing

A recent conversation with a healthcare executive reminded me that Jack Welch’s management rule of 20-70-10 inevitably increases turnover. 20% of your employees – top performers – are highly rewarded. 70% are being… Continue reading

The Revealing Power of Fear

  I’ve noticed an unsettling and revealing set of questions that my coach, Bob Hancox, asks. What’s most concerning for you? What makes this so important to you? What’s really at stake for… Continue reading