Power and gossip

Business is relational. Employees on production lines, knowledge workers in offices, sales staff on the road, managers within organizations, and corporate vision casters all succeed because of healthy, supportive relationships. Company gossips destroy… Continue reading

Community Update – 04/10/10

THANK YOU’S Thank you to all Leadership Freak (LF) subscribers and readers who left comments this week. There are a growing number of regulars who freely share their wisdom, experience, and perspective. I… Continue reading

Learning to lead leaders

You may not be the king but you can learn how to influence kings. All leaders have trusted advisors who influence their thinking, attitudes, and decisions. William Wallace captured the power of influence… Continue reading

Who’s in the spotlight?

Carl Stotz (02/20/1910 – 06/04/1992) was the founder of Little League Baseball. He lived and died in the community where I live. In my minds eye, I can still see him watching games… Continue reading


I recently completed a “Lean 101-Principles of Manufacturing” training. The training included several rounds of practice in which the group attempted to manufacture a fake product. During the first practice module we easily… Continue reading

“What works” is holding you back

You haven’t reached higher in life because you’re doing what works. “What works” is a set of strategies and skills you’ve developed because of your past. In other words, “what works” enables you… Continue reading