Into the Unknown

Win a free, signed copy of “Courting your Career.” Read Shawn Grahams guest blog and see how. ***** Into the Unknown Embracing personal vision-driven goals is counter intuitive because letting go of certainty doesn’t… Continue reading

Manage Your Message

Here’s a hearty Leadership Freak welcome to Shawn Graham today’s guest blogger. Enjoy! Win a FREE, signed copy of, “Courting Your Career.” Keep reading to learn how. As an undergrad studying economics, I… Continue reading

Courting Your Career – Book Review

I began reading Shawn Graham’s book, “Courting Your Career” on a flight from Harrisburg to Chicago. Even though I’m not looking to change my career, it was good company. It might surprise you… Continue reading

Community update 04/17/10

Thank you to everyone leaving comments on LF. When you leaving comments you reach out to others and give back to the community. A recent comment included a request for resources related to… Continue reading

Influence over a cup of coffee

Recently I wrote, “Initiating High Impact Relationships.” Today, I’m explaining the easiest, quickest way to positively impact young, undeveloped leaders. It’s buying someone a cup of coffee, a mocha latte, hot chocolate, or… Continue reading

The fast track to influence

Without trust leaders intimidate others through fear. On the other hand, trusted leaders influence followers through confidence and connection. Follower-confidence is rooted in a leader’s competence, consistency, clarity, and character. The challenge –… Continue reading