The Top 25 Temptations of Leadership

Using position to intimidate or manipulate. Believing talent, experience, or skills compensate for preparation. Choosing the easy way for you rather than the best way for them. Overlooking the destructive behaviors of high… Continue reading

Embracing the Joys of Fear and Pain

Fear and pain motivate you to stop, run, avoid, or stubbornly dig in. They don’t move you forward, they move you away. Fear and pain may, however, ignite passion to change. Politicians create… Continue reading

Stop Wasting Your Time Solving Problems

Many leaders and managers have a compelling; even perverse interest in fixing things. Average managers solve problems and get results. Great managers build people. A recent conversation with a new manager reminded me that… Continue reading

Accepting Average Enables Exceptional

People remain average because they don’t understand exceptional. A friend of mine recently said, “Maybe average is ok. That’s what most people and organizations are so what’s wrong with it?” We were exploring… Continue reading

Control Your Feelings – Don’t Express Them

Image source Emotions are responses to information; believe wrong information and you’ll experience wrong feelings. For example, you think someone neglected their responsibilities causing deliverables to fall through the cracks. Based on that,… Continue reading

The Essential Secret to Full Engagement

The reason your team isn’t fully engaged is you aren’t fully committed to them. They know, you’re dedicated to them only so long as their performance pleases you. They know organizational interests come… Continue reading