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Five Secrets to Escaping the Past

Your job is moving people into the future not recreating the past. Tensions emerge when leaders pull toward the future and followers cling to the past. Clinging to the past is losing your… Continue reading

Dumb and Dumber

The same people sitting around the same table produce the same results. It’s dumb to think otherwise. It’s even dumber to expect the people who caused the problem to solve it. The future… Continue reading

16 Practices that Reignite Momentum

You lost momentum because you did the right thing too long. Momentum never changes until something changes. Igniting momentum requires shifts in attitudes, behaviors, methods, and results. 16 practices to reignite momentum: Celebrate… Continue reading

The Bad B’s of Leadership

Bad leadership feels safe like baggy jeans and broken-in sneakers. Bad leadership has a baffling capacity to walk comfortable paths while the world changes. Bold leadership, on the other hand, feels dangerous like… Continue reading

How to Dig Out of Holes You’ve Dug

New dreams call for new behaviors. What worked in the past only digs holes in the present. Start again, but don’t resort to default behaviors, imagine new. Past behaviors worked in the past,… Continue reading

Weird Leadership

People who change things become fanatics first. I became obsessed with developing leadership a few years ago. Many friends thought I was weird. Some friends don’t hang with me anymore. I’m more committed… Continue reading