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3 Powerful Steps Toward Confidence

Life without confidence is agony. “Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller Insecurity loves excuse-making. You’re less than you could be when you’re afraid to make a decision. 7 signs… Continue reading

12 Ways to Find Your Confidence

*** Lack of confidence is the dirty secret in top leaders. Insecure leaders often cover insecurities with strutting. Cocky is compensation for lack of confidence. Cocky is phony confidence. Puffing up, putting down,… Continue reading

Flipping the Switch that Develops Leaders

I asked Barry Posner, bestselling co-author of “The Leadership Challenge” if he was a leader. In a quiet, unassuming voice he said, “I’m a leader, follower, and a colleague.” I asked Barry when… Continue reading

How to Step Back and Succeed More

***** It’s easier for leaders to step up and in than to step down and back. Beginnings demand stepping in; enduring, exponential success calls for stepping back. Before stepping back: Before you step back,… Continue reading