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7 Strategies All High Impact Leaders Employ

If high impact – positive leadership – was easy there’d be more of it. Your work-place would be invigorating and supportive rather than defeating and cut-throat. The world would be a better place.… Continue reading

Where Women Leaders Are Better than Men

I asked the “Freaks” that follow my Facebook page, “What are women leaders better at than men?” Knowing when there is no value in fighting. Understanding when someone just has a crummy day.… Continue reading

Books that Most Changed my Leadership

Leadership Freaks who contribute to the Leadership Freak Coffee Shop on Facebook answered, “The leadership book that most changed my leadership is _________. Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson *Failing Forward by… Continue reading

Were They Always Dead Wood

This morning I had a tweeter conversation with Tom Peters – prolific author and business thinker – who said, “Dan, my whole “psychological shtick”: “Act your way into feeling/thinking” rather than “Feel/think your way into… Continue reading

I’ve Been Knocked Down, Now What

Jack Dempsey on one knee. (From Washington Post) ***** The ability to get up after being knocked down is the most important ability in life. ***** Alison asked, “After being knocked down it… Continue reading

Finding Courage

The past is the future, apart from courageous leadership. Doing hard things takes courage; letting go takes most of all. Someone moves first, that’s you. Leaders move toward “not yet” while letting go… Continue reading