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20 Proven Things All Great Leaders Always Do

In an inconsistent world, great leaders are consistent. Image source Great leaders always: Tell the truth. Demand the truth. Act in the best interest of their organization. Get results through others. Celebrate the… Continue reading

Seven ways to refill your emotional tank

Running on empty damages you, your organization, and those around you. Eventually you’ll do and say things you’ll regret. Leaders feel the ebb and flow of emotion. Monthly cycles, duties you hate, unexpected… Continue reading

Let’s get this party started

  10 Things you can do to make Monday great Make your opportunities; waiting won’t work. You’re the source of your own frustration when you wait rather than work. You’ll find greater satisfaction in life… Continue reading

The making of a Microsoft COO

The platform you stand on determines the height of your reach. Bob Herbold was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to a working class family. In 1942 no one imaged baby Bob would become the COO… Continue reading

Don’t Crumble From Within

He told me he’s doing things differently today. Twenty-five years ago he aggressively drove people to perform. Today he holds his tongue more, instructs and corrects less, observes longer, and judges more slowly.… Continue reading

Leading yourself into Humility

Image source I’ll never forget G.J. Hart’s observation about high potential leaders, “I can usually tell if they have the humility to make it.” He focused on character before talent or skill. Humility yields success;… Continue reading