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Stretched not Crushed

Every time things start going wrong we look to the leader for solutions. Beware! The pressure to provide solutions crushes leaders. When solutions come from the top, organizations crumble from the bottom. A… Continue reading

How to Stop so you can Start

Before you find your personal best, let go of your mediocrity. Determine what isn’t working and stop it. Stopping: Stopping is harder than you think. Fear of failure makes you keep working at… Continue reading

You’ll Never Get There Without Questions

The day you realize leadership is about them not you is the day you begin leading. If you can’t develop people, you can’t lead beyond your current potential. Furthermore, if you don’t develop… Continue reading

The Most Powerful Thing Experienced Leaders Do

Helping young leaders get started and grow is the most powerful thing experienced leaders do. Growing young leaders changes individuals and organizations. Helping young leaders get started creates a universe of potential and… Continue reading

The Cure for Pessimism

I’m a huge fan of “just go do something,” but a world filled with options and uncertainty paralyzes. When fear prevents the next step, pessimism prevails. Pessimists can’t lead. “The more fearful we… Continue reading

When Failure Matters

The self-defense instructor taught us to escape first. But if you can’t escape, put your back up against the wall or find a corner to stand in. Attackers can’t surround you – vulnerabilities… Continue reading