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10 Essentials for Dynamic Candor

Inept leaders block uncomfortable topics from the discussion. It’s pathetic. Weak, fearful leaders need agreement to confirm their leadership. On the other hand, I recently spent time with five members of an executive team… Continue reading

Top 15 Strategies for Leadership Success

The first thing you need to know is: Success is a result not an end in itself. Five organizational strategies: Always create more harmony than discord. Build up more than you tear down,… Continue reading

The Secrets of Imperfection

You might think it’s awkward but I asked anyway. “What makes me think you can be a leader?” The person I asked is in their early 20’s with many leadership accomplishments. Maybe it… Continue reading

16 Things Successful Leaders Never Do

“Not doing,” is one side of finding success. Never let the bottom line be the bottom line. Never pretend things are ok when they aren’t. Never let what you’ve never done be the… Continue reading

Walking the Leadership Tightrope

I’m so committed to pressing into the future that it’s hard to enjoy the present. You can’t lead if you aren’t dissatisfied. How are you navigating the leadership tightrope between what is and… Continue reading

Portrait of a Micro-manager

Most people I’ve asked say they’ve worked for a micro-manager. Their frustration shows when they talk about the person who drained joy from their career and under-utilized their skills. You’re a micro-manager if… Continue reading