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16 Ways to Create Good Fortune

Ask any successful person how they achieved success and many will mention good fortune. Some will say, “I was lucky.” For instance: Jay Elliot told me he met Steve Jobs in the waiting… Continue reading

Slackers, Lions, and Leadership

Talking without action is meaningless babble. Successful leaders connect with doers. “Do” your way out of problems, challenges, and adversity. Talking helps but only when it focuses on effective, efficient action. An ancient… Continue reading

Fitting In AND Standing Out

When I was young fitting in meant becoming what others expected. Now I know, fitting in requires knowing yourself not losing yourself. Leaders and managers who help people fit in create dynamic organizations.… Continue reading

Facing the Fires of Disagreement, Improvement, and Destructive Criticism

Destructive critics claim the moral high ground but their message is simple, do what I want. They pretend they want what’s best for others while they pursue what’s best for them. Constructive critics… Continue reading

A Horse With No Legs

Great goals are great beginnings but goals alone never reach great endings. “Move beyond goals; focus on specific tasks.” Dean Brenner in “Share the Sandbox” A goal without action items is a horse… Continue reading

How to Destroy Teams and Become Losers

Image source Terrible teams are easy; great teams rare. Great teams do two things. First, people working together achieve things individuals can’t; they achieve more together. Second, Teams that work – work at… Continue reading