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How to Overcome the Perils of Caring Deeply

The things you deeply care about make you dangerous and close-minded. Yesterday, I sat beside a coach who said, “I’m a better coach if I don’t care about the topic of a coaching… Continue reading

My Favorite Mistake

Mistakes make wise leaders better and foolish leaders worse. Wise leaders learn and adapt. Foolish leaders just keep on going. “Still learning” means you don’t know. My favorite mistake: My favorite mistake is… Continue reading

Seven Secrets to Listening When Time is Short

The need to feel important closes ears and open’s mouths. Listening is both humble and humbling. Talking makes you feel important. Listening to others makes them feel important. Seven reasons you don’t listen:… Continue reading

Help for Blabbermouths

Raise your hand if you have a boss who talks too much. Blabbermouth bosses exasperate everyone. Raise your hand if you’re a boss. I bet you talk too much, too. As a general… Continue reading

15 Ways to Make Your Voice Matter

Pathetic talkers – talk after listeners check out. Blabbing leaders have something to say and it doesn’t matter that people in the room have turned to bored, lifeless manikins. They keep blabbing. Talkative… Continue reading

The Power of Second Questions

“Most people never listen.” Hemingway Questions are gifts. Asking, followed by listening, says others matter; telling says you matter. Eager to talk is reluctant to ask. Enemies of curiosity: Disinterest. You really don’t… Continue reading